Despina VIP To The Urban Music Awards 2017!

Despina has won an industry showcase, performing her song “Proud To Be Me” to a London crowd of record company execs and music lovers. She wins VIP tickets to the Urban Music Awards and will be interviewed by the National Post.

Despina releases the song on iTunes and streaming platforms on the 26th May. The song has a special meaning for Despina as her 11 year old foster brother attempted to hang himself following bullying attempts by other children. He was saved by a neighbour and spent three weeks in hospital.

Despina said “I knew I needed to get a song out there that spoke from my heart about bullying and being proud to be yourself no matter what. 360 helped me create this masterpiece that I’m so proud to release and really hope that it will give others strength to stand up to hate”.

PROUD TO BE ME is out on 26th May 2017. You can see Despina perform the track from an audience recording here.