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Frequently Asked Questions

What is artist development?

Artist development is the process of getting a singer/rapper/band ready for a career in the music industry. You will feel like a star throughout the year’s development programme with 360, but by the end of it you will be ready to be a star and confidently approach record companies with a full package to get signed.

Artist development can include:

Vocal coaching
Performance training
Microphone Techniques (live & studio)
Social Media training to build fanbase
Music Industry (business) Training
Production Training

Song Recordings
Personal Styling
Music Videos
Promotional Material
Web Presence

Live Performances
Industry Showcases
Interviews on radio/tv
Attending award ceremonies
Record Company Auditions

Why is it called 360 Artist Development?

We give a ‘360-degree’, complete development programme to our artists to prepare them for everything they need and not only that, unlike most other artist development companies out there, we not only want you to do well, we help you by assisting with your social media management, send emails on your behalf, actively try and seek out opportunities that have led to great things for our artists (see ‘what have your artists achieved section) – it’s not just a case of there’s your songs, good luck. With us you are part of our team and we are definitely team players.

Does it cost?

Just like any training (singing lessons, university, summer school) there is a cost involved, however we offer three different levels of development programme so that it can fit everyone’s budget and our prices are significantly lower than other companies – one of our competitors charges almost the same as our yearlong programme for a 9 day course!

You can pay by standing order monthly, up front, by card, bank transfer or cash.

What have your artists achieved?

At 360 our artists are at the heart of everything we do and we have our own special place for everyone on our website. We believe that when our artists do well, so do we and for that reason we are always looking for opportunities to forward their careers. So far, we have had numerous success stories including:

A $1m record deal
Song to number 4 in the charts
Nationwide touring with signed bands
Celebrity endorsement
Featured entries in songwriting competitions
ITV news interview
Radio Play
Newspaper articles on our artists
Invitation to brit Awards and Urban Music Awards
Winning Industry Showcases
Performing at London Fashion Week
Visiting Nashville’s Music Industry to record and hold meetings
Numerous record company meetings with Polydor
Scouted for the X Factor and The Voice
Music video recording in the UK, US and Spain
Tracks forwarded for consideration on TV shows like Orange is the New Black
Personal goals such as overcoming anxiety, eating disorders, depression and low confidence
And much more!

What makes you different to other artist development companies?

We have had a number of artists come to us having been with other development companies first, so this question is answered based on their feedback. At 360, we treat artists like part of a family. We have your back. We are honest. We aren’t just there for you when you’re stood in the studio – we answer texts, calls and emails. We don’t run a ‘conveyor belt’ type of system when you’re in and out. We don’t forget about you until your next session because we are always trying to get things happening for you. We surprise you with exciting opportunities, we care about your music and getting to know you as an artist and as a person.

If I get signed do I owe you anything?

No! We want artists to want to work with us, not be forced to. The only financial contract of you physically paying us is the year that you are with us for the development programme. Over 90% of our artists continue to come back to us after their first year; whether it be for more development, more songs, recording in the studio or for promotional support. Any songwriters who have been involved in making your songs will continue to receive royalties. This is an automated process by royalty collection agencies and so you do not have to pay anything yourself and if you’ve written on the songs too then again, this is an automated process and you’ll also receive those royalties. If you don’t write on your songs, then you will still receive performer royalties.

I’m just looking for management. Will you be my manager?

First of all, you need to be really sure that you are ready for management before approaching a manager. They work on a commission basis so will only earn when you do. If you haven’t been trained to a high enough standard (if you’ve never had singing lessons for example, forget management!) or if you haven’t got a big enough fanbase (nobody to sell anything to) and don’t have a financial history to show that you can make money in music (your manager would be taking a big risk working for free if there was no track record) then it is highly unlikely you would be taken on by a manager. We act as a kind of interim manager for our artist development clients because we contact industry experts on their behalf, try and get them different opportunities and steer their careers in the right direction, but we believe that once ready for record company level, management should be left to dedicated managers and we therefore encourage our artists who have completed the development programme to go to a dedicated professional.

How do I get onto a programme?

The first step is to contact us with a short introduction about who you are (name, age, location, genre you perform in, short biography). Send us a photograph of yourself and attach either a recording of you singing or point us to a video online where we can see you.

From there we will contact you and if we like what we see you will be invited to an audition. From there you will be assessed for a development programme and if accepted it would be your decision as to which you would prefer to join (standard, premium or elite).

What if I only want to record songs?

That’s fine! We have song and album packages available. We can develop your songs or we can write for you.

I don’t write music; can I still join?

Yes absolutely. We write for most of our artists in many different genres and we also train them how to write songs so that by the end of their programme we can write together if they want to. We even got a song to number 4 in the country chart that we wrote and our artist performed – so definitely don’t worry about not being able to write music!

What if I live quite far away from your studio?

Most of our artists live far away from the studio. In fact, we have had people from as far north as Edinburgh, as far south as Hastings and everywhere in between – Hull, Doncaster, Leeds, Nottingham, London, Bolton, Manchester, Glasgow – oh and Texas and Slovakia!

We are really flexible how we manage sessions with artists who travel. You’ll have longer sessions booked in for recording and training time and we can do some of your lessons by video call so that you don’t have to keep coming in person.

I don’t really know what I want to do just yet, it’s all very confusing

We can give you a full consultation in person, over the phone or by video call to look at everything you’ve done, what you want to achieve and give you a plan on how to get there. Contact us for details.

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