Is all publicity good publicity?

Justin Bieber, currently on a huge world tour, has seen his fair share of controversial events: from scuffling with a reporter, turning up late to the O2 in London, being shirtless in an airport … but is this good publicity or bad publicity?

Well, with over 37,000,000 (yes 37 MILLION) twitter followers, and an army of die-hard fans, his Beliebers, I would in this case lean towards that this young man can do no wrong; he even brushed aside the cannabis smoking scandal with all the charm and smoothness of a teenage pop sensation.

It has to be said that he also does lots of positive things for his fans, much of which is ignored by the press and, of course, by his ‘haters’- of which there seems to be so many that one could be forgiven that he was doing something horribly worse than creating music that some people don’t particularly care for.

If you’re thinking about a publicity stunt, do consider the consequences and realise that you may not be able to get away with the same kind of, or in fact, any negativity surrounding your actions. If you are trying to make it in the industry you should concentrate your efforts on doing something that is positive; something for charity? Jessie J shaving her head for comic relief is something that is courageous, press-worthy and inspirational at the same time!

So, beliebers, and non-beliebers what do you think? We want to know your thoughts on this, and what do you think it would take for Justin to actually start losing his army of followers – his BELIEBERS?