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We know that there is no textbook or career’s advisor at school/college that can tell you what to do to become a famous singer or rapper. The time-old question of How To Get A Record Deal or How To Get Signed By A Label vs how to be a successful independent musician is constantly on people’s minds and there is no blueprint for this because everyone is unique with different skills, strengths and areas for improvement.

You can go around in circles wondering why nobody is replying to your emails, or why you seem to get one step forward and two steps back. Well, we have not only heard every question you might imagine in over ten years of being in artist development but we know how to answer them and our consultation are designed to go over your goals, aspirations, expectations and answer questions you may have about how to get where you want to be; in addition to giving honest feedback and appraisal on your vocal ability (if applicable), performance ability, image, recording voice, interview techniques, songs and much more. The consultations last approximately 1 ½ hours and you receive a full document brief afterwards, with ideas for improving yourself going forward.  We are completely honest in consulting with you and will help you find your strengths and discover your weaknesses so that regardless of whether you choose to work with 360, you know what you need to focus on to achieve your own personal goals.

If you subsequently take a development programme within 3 months of a consultation we will discount your first month by the consultation cost, as we give a full consultation and programme plan to each new artist on a programme.

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