360 Artist Development and Cedar West Studio Response to Coronavirus


If you’ve ever had a singing lesson here, you will know that in the first ever lesson we talk about looking after your voice/avoiding colds etc.  That is because health is number one and should always come first.

I have been monitoring the situation with coronavirus both in the news and the World Health Organisation advice and understand the worry that this virus is causing.

I want to address concerns that you may have about your programme, singing lessons or studio recordings you have booked and the response that I am taking in relation to this.

First and foremost, the main advice being given is that you should wash your hands regularly.  The virus can be caught from touching surfaces and then touching your face, or from people coughing and sneezing around you.



The studio is already cleaned on a regular basis and this will continue with particular attention paid to door handles and arm rests on chairs etc. but to keep everyone safe, all clients attending for sessions must now wash their hands before entering the studio.  This will help keep everyone safe, as I do teach people who are immunocompromised, and this will assist in making sure that everything remains clean inside the studio for the benefit of all.

As you are aware, there is already technology here such as self-opening bins to try and limit touching what would be considered ‘unhealthy things’ (I knew it would come in handy!)



Everyone’s health and wellbeing is paramount at this difficult time and even getting a cold can lower the immune system to fight a more serious infection like coronavirus, so from now until the end of April 2020 I am waiving the 24 hour cancellation fee for anyone who needs to cancel a singing lesson due to ill health. If you have cold like symptoms, you must not attend for lessons.  However, being in a self-employed situation I would ask that this good faith fee-waiver is not abused, and only genuine cold-like symptom cancellations are made.  Each week there are several cancellations and if this is taken too far it could have a serious impact on me as an individual.

Anybody taking any other type of lesson can instead have this by video call, using Google Duo.



If we face a situation like Italy, where the UK is locked down and you cannot travel to the studio, I will conduct all of your monthly lessons by video call and provide you with songs etc. over the internet as usual.  Recordings will be moved to another time.  Please don’t put off booking advanced train tickets because the cost of attending will be far higher closer to the time and most advanced tickets can be exchanged for later dates – check the carrier’s terms and conditions (which may have changed for the better due to coronavirus).

Together, with a little common sense and good practise, there is no reason why we cannot continue to keep everything going as it always has done.  Your programme/training should not be affected and I wish you and your family good health and I look forward to seeing you at your next session


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