Learn Why This Course Is The Only One In The World To Be Sponsored By VocalZone & The Tea Makers Of London, For Vocal Health

An Online Singing Course For Everyone

An Online Singing Course For Everyone


You Will Learn How To Look After Your Voice, How To Warm Up Safely, How To Practice Effectively And How To Pitch Properly


You Will Build Strength In Your Diaphragm And Learn To Breathe From It, Learn Little-Taught Techniques To Increase Breathing Capacity, Learn How To Increase Your Range And Make The Most Of Falsetto/Headvoice


You Will Learn How To Harness The Power Of Emotion The Right Way, Advanced Diaphragm Techniques For Power And Range, How To Sing In Harmony, How To Overcome Stage Fright, Microphone Techniques And More!

I have created the ultimate course for people like you, who want to
 learn how to sing and become voice confident

Matthew Humphrys

Award-Winning Vocal Coach

Perfect, No Matter What Your Goal

Perfect, No Matter What Your Goal


Singing is fun, can help with mental health and confidence and will allow you to enjoy music fully, knowing you are singing safely and correctly!

For A Reason

You can improve your singing to get through an audition, record a song, sing karaoke on holiday or reach a record deal

For A Career

You can learn advance level techniques to become voice confident and ready for a career in singing, knowing that you are singing safely and sounding your best.

How The Course Works

How The Course Works

This Course Contains Over 240 Minutes Of Learning, Structured Into Different Lessons.  It Is Advised That You Don't Take More Than One Lesson A Week In Order To Practice The Techniques Taught Properly, Before Moving On. 

They say

Mohsin Aslam

I have learned so much. Matthew will push you to be the best artist you can be. I would tell anyone to do this programmme

Katy Galloway

Matthew is incredible to work with as a teacher. He really knows how to get the best out of you and I would not hesitate to recommend him

""Matthew is a great teacher, I would recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their singing

Gary Pitchard

"Fantastic teacher can't recommend him enough"

Bernedette Thornton

"Matthew is an amazing tutor, he is the very best at what he does "

Sara Daniel

"Allows you to make the most progress possible"

Sam Crowther

"His vocal tips & exercises are fantastic - highly recommended"

Paul Grimshaw

"Would definitely recommend him to anyone"

Gemma Fowler


Many singers suffer with the idea that learning to sing is only possible if you have a talent for it to begin with.

Many others also think that you can't learn to sing online and it is only possible by visiting a singing teacher.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

I'd like to introduce you to "Fast-Track Singing", a course which I created after over 10 years of teaching experience and having won the award for being the “most outstanding vocal and performance coach in the UK” in the Vinyl and Record Awards 2019.

If you're a singer who wants to become voice confident, then THIS COURSE is exactly what you're looking for.

"Fast-Track Singing" makes it simple for you to:

  1. Sing with emotion that will transform how you come across
  2. Increase you range and add more power to your voice
  3. Learn how to breathe from the diaphragm and use it to power out notes, project better and feel great when you sing
  4. Overcome anxiety and worries about singing and start enjoying your voice
  5. Sing songs you never thought were possible before

....and much, much more! In fact, this course contains 21 different video lessons and over 240 minutes of video footage in high quality digital video format!

Now you will never have to waste time again searching for solutions that don’t exist on YouTube videos, which are often full of confusing and conflicting information (let’s face it, we’ve all been there!)

You can now start learning some seriously powerful techniques using step-by-step guides to actually improve and enhance your vocal skills.

In this course, discover:

  1. Every-day foods that are destroying your ability to sing properly! (And those that can help look after your voice and boost your immune system - even more important right now). 
  2. A secret technique I discovered to unlock extra breathing space, (whether or not you know how to breathe from the diaphragm)
  3. Practical ways you can actually overcome stage fright and enjoy being on stage

The blueprint, step-by-step guide to singing with real emotion! This massively improves your performances and is worth the course fee alone.

This also means that you will no longer feel like you are stuck, unable to sing the way you want to, or unable to sing the songs you’ve always wanted to be able to sing.

You’ll start seeing results with “Fast-Track Singing” almost immediately.

But don’t just take my word for it. The course is of such high quality that two huge names in vocal health – VocalZone and The Tea Makers of London sponsored the course by putting their name to it.

So not only will you have an award-winning vocal coach training you, but the confidence that backing it are these two powerhouse companies, one of which has been around since 1872 - and they certainly wouldn’t ruin their image by sponsoring content unworthy of their name. So you can be assured of a high quality learning experience
This course is a great accompaniment to learning with a local singing teacher too. In fact one of the lessons in this course is all about how to find the best singing teacher for you. That's because you may want to get help in putting the techniques you learn in this course into practise with the songs you sing.

This course not only teaches you everything you need to get voice confident, it fast-tracks the process of learning to sing, saving you hundreds of pounds in singing lessons!

You would need at least 20 singing lessons to learn just the material taught in this course, but in real world lesson scenarios you wouldn't have the lessons focused solely on techniques - it would be built up over a long period of time and incorporated into the songs you will be learning, so it could easily take you 50 lessons to take in this amount of learning. That would cost you on average around £1,300 and that is with a singing teacher that isn't at the top of the price chart.

Course Options

Private Video Consultation
With Matthew

​A 20 Minute Private Video Consultation


  • Timeslots to suit all time zones
  • Completely private consultation
  • Ask singing or music industry questions
Make It In The Music Industry

97 Page E-Book


  • Learn About The Music Industry From The Inside!
  • Discover The Common Mistakes Singers Make So You Can Avoid Them
  • Get A&R To Listen To Your Songs
  • Know What To Do When Things Go Wrong

Lesson List

01 Looking After Your Voice

02 Mouth Shapes

03 Pitch

04 Posture

05 Warm Ups

06 Breathing

07 Range

08 Tone

09 More About Mouth Shapes

10 How to Practice

11 Stage Fright And Mental Health

13 Voice Registers And Range

14 Diaphragmatic Breathing

15 Diaphragmatic Techniques

16 The Brain

17 Emotion

18 Microphone Techniques

19 Harmony

20 Finding A Teacher

21 Further Offers From 360

Private Video Consultation With Matthew

​A 20 Minute Private Video Consultation


Make It In The Music Industry

97 Page E-Book