Guitar Advice for Beginners

Keeping it In Tune:

Even when your guitar sits alone for a few days without practise (surely not! ) it is important that you tune it. By keeping the guitar in tune day to day, it will help it stay in tune while it is being played by keeping a steady tension on the neck. I would advise, of course, that you do practise every day but this cannot always be achieved.


I change my strings once a week as an absolute minimum, but of course, I play my guitar for at least 30 hours a week! As you probably won’t be playing that much you can leave it longer, but do always have extra sets to change the strings often; Once a month or even every 2 months will suffice for a beginner.

When you change the strings, clean the guitar at the same time. WD40 is great as it helps to draw moisture away from the wood- water based cleaning solutions do the opposite and can sometimes cause damage to the wood.

Consistent temperature:

As the guitar is made of wood it needs to be looked after properly, and one of the most important things you can do is to try and keep it at a as consistent temperature as is possible. While, of course, your bedroom temperature will fluctuate, you should keep it far away from radiators and other sources of direct heat, and wherever possible, sources of moisture such as windows.

Free PDF:

For all you guitarists out there, we are giving away a free pdf which contains lots of exercises to help you develop your consistency and speed.