Introducing from Slovakia…Karin Ann!

If you’ve ever doubted your own drive to become a star, take a leaf out of Karin Ann’s book because she is travelling all the way from Slovakia to work with 360!

Karin Ann is a pop star in the making from Zilina in Slovakia. At 16 years old and with incredible clothing style she knows what image she wants to portray and what style of music she wants to write.

Karin always had an interest in artistic things like acting, singing or art. Since she was little her mum would always play songs from musicals and that was one of the first styles of music she remembers loving and singing.

Karin always dreamed of a career in singing when she started performing in school talent shows. When she was 13 she started taking singing classes and that grew to the point where she then also started to learn Ukulele aged 15.   Now a learner guitarist she likes to mix a number of infuences into her songs from  Billie Eilish through Kailee Morgue and Grace Vanderwaal to The Vamps or New Hope Club.

Watch this space for more updates on Karin Ann and new music when it is released!