Are Online Singing Courses As Good As A Real Teacher?

Do online singing lessons work? Are online singing courses as good as a real teacher?

In this article we will look at online singing lesson pros and cons by comparing courses vs local singing teachers.

Deciding which option is right for you when you learn how to sing is important and it may be that a combination of both works best.

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This is obviously a very personal decision. YouTube is saturated with many singing videos from different people with different levels of experience and different ideas on teaching how to sing.

There are some absolutely fantastic things that you can learn from these videos. Equally though, it can be incredibly time consuming to keep going through endless online music training videos to find the ones that will truly help you and so it is worth considering at the start if you truly have time for that – especially when many teachers contradict each other with topics such as mixed voice and belting etc.

Exercises, vocal warm-ups and improving your range can definitely be taught using online, pre-recorded means.


When considering how to learn online, you may decide that it’s worth paying for a course that is set out by one voice teacher who you like.

This decision could save you masses of time searching the internet for help and you will spend more time focussed on improving your voice instead.


There are many sites you can look at for courses like this including Udemy, Yousician, takelessons and of course on our site too.

However, online vocal coaching videos don’t 100% replace the need for a real singing teacher.

Even our own online course – “Fast Track Singing” (which has been sponsored by VocalZone) includes a chapter on how to find a singing teacher for that exact reason.


A singing teacher can help you work on real songs and work through your own individual vocal issues to become a better singer overall.

Just like you would research the best singing course for you online, it’s equally important to find the best local teacher for your needs.

  • Some teachers are very technical, have University qualifications in vocal anatomy or similar.
  • Others are more focussed on the fun side of singing and might be less qualified but better singing teachers for you, because they connect with you better.
  • If you want to take exams, you need a teacher that is authorised to send you to examinations and knows the syllabus for that.
  • Some teachers don’t teach certain genres like Opera for example, so your choice may be based on your particular singing voice

What if you don’t have a great local singing teacher available?

Do online vocal lessons work?

Singing teachers have been teaching online on Zoom all the way through the coronavirus lockdown and so yes online voice lessons are definitely possible and the benefits of this are that:

  • You can choose any singing teacher in the world that you want to work with
  • You can learn from the comfort of your own home
  • You can save on travel costs
  • You will be motivated to continue practising because you have future lessons booked in

However there are definitely some drawbacks to this way of learning, such as:

  • It is internet speed and internet connection dependent
  • You have to be the one that presses play/stop on the recording to avoid a lag with the audio

Girl having singing lessons with vocal coach

If you go to a singing teacher who has a studio setup, you can  do recordings to hear yourself getting better over time.

This is a little bit like when your mom or grandma used to put marks on a door to measure your height.  It is not always easy to remember being that small, but by seeing the marks on the door you can see the different heights you reached.

The same applies with singing. You won’t necessarily notice the small changes in your voice, but hearing yourself on different recordings you will  (and other people will notice the difference in you too).


Whatever you decide, online course vs real singing teacher,  it is important to be consistent and keep learning and practising week after week.  That is what brings success.

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