Harry Christian, UK singer, UK artist

Personal Styling and Photography

Your image is your front door to the world. It is how people judge you before they press play on your music. It could be the difference between listening or not listening to your music and whether they will be impressed or disappointed depending if your image matches your genre.

You know that you can sing but you still need a vocal coach to get the most from your voice. You know how to dress, but to get the most from your image a personal stylist is essential and we have two of the best we’ve ever met working with us, male and female.

When you meet the stylist, you will have a consultation on your current wardrobe and image. Your music will be listened to and you as an artist will be understood before the stylist will then take you on a personal shopping day to pick out clothes for every day, stage and photoshoot wear.

Our photographer is a specialist music photographer and has himself been in bands before becoming a professional photographer. Weather permitting, our shoots combine studio and outdoor photography. Full copyright is given. There are no costs per print and there are no watermarks.

You will have a professional from 360 on hand to direct and advise on poses and we have hair and makeup artists available for your shoot if desired.

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