• Seyi Adura, UK Singer, London artist

Seyi Adura

Seyi Adura is a 31 year old singer/songwriter from South East London. Her musical influences are diverse, having a wide range of musical styles that she loves to listen to.

When she creates music, Seyi actively seeks out people who are different to her culturally and musically in order to create something completely unique, modern but also timeless.

Her music is defined by high end production, catchy melodies and writing from her own experiences in a way that others can not only relate to, but feel emotionally. Seyi is always totally involved in the production process and knows how to translate what she hears in her head to what ends up on the record. Like many great artists, she works on songs tirelessly until she is 100% confident in them. Seyi is now finalising her album and looks forward to sharing it with music lovers across the world.


Carol Sandys

“My whole family was really impressed and couldn’t believe that it was me!”

September 13, 2018

Chris Grimshaw
“Their work ethic is so professional & the quality of the recordings are top draw..!”

September 13, 2018

Josh Henry

“The guys at 360 were the first people that believed in my talent as a lyricist which meant a lot to me at that time, in fact it was one of the highlights of my 16 years on earth to be completely honest. They had consistent patience and support in helping me make my EP what it is today. They helped me get out of my shell and to really believe in myself which is a major part of being an artist.”

September 13, 2018

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