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The Artist Development Programme

The different types of programme

On being offered a place on our yearlong artist development programme it will be up to you to decide which of three options is right for your budget, lifestyle and goals. We break them down below into Standard, Premium and Elite. We do not need to know which programme you are interested in before you apply as it does not form part of our decision. Our audition process is the same for all programme types. We currently have artists working on all three and though the Elite programme includes photography and styling, you can of course add these options to any of the other programmes, but some people prefer to have a set budget for all-inclusive development.

What is the process for applying?

You can apply at any time of year as this programme is all about you, so the year starts on whatever date you join. The first step is to apply below with a short introduction about who you are (name, age, location, genre you perform in, short biography). Send a photograph of yourself and attach either a recording of you singing or point us to a video online where we can see you.

From there we will contact you and if we like what we see you will be invited to an audition. From there you will be assessed for a development programme and if accepted it would be your decision as to which you would prefer to join (standard, premium or elite).

Am I good enough? What’s your criteria?

We are a development company so we are experts in making artists – from recordings, to training, to videos, to image and everything in between! We do not look for the finished product in auditions because it’s our role to make you that once you’re on a programme! We look for potential, a voice that could sell records with the right development and production, personality, drive and determination and an image that could have social media appeal.

Because you will be recording a number of songs and these need to be broadcast quality, it wouldn’t benefit either 360 or the artist if we took people on too early and recorded them when they weren’t ready, so if you come for an audition and we don’t feel that you are yet ready for a programme (or if you don’t think you’re ready yet but you’d like to do one) then we can of course offer you training and development prior to launching onto a full programme.

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Where is it based?

We work from Leeds, West Yorkshire. Easy transport links by car, train, bus and airoplane mean that we have artists from as far north as Edinburgh, as far south as Hastings and as far away as Slovakia in Europe and Texas in the US. You will not be at a disadvantage if you live far from the studio because your sessions with us will be planned, for a decent length of time when you are with us and we can conduct your lessons in between recordings by video conferencing to save your travel.

What genres do you take on?

We work with Pop (in all its forms), RnB, Hip Hop, Rap and Country artists at present. The only genre we do not consider is Dance Music/DJ development.

Will I become famous taking your programme?

If you don’t prepare yourself for this career by doing something like a development programme then your chances of becoming famous are vastly reduced. No development company can guarantee a record deal or fame but our track record speaks for itself. We are the best artist development specialists in the UK as awarded in the Vinyl and Record Awards, in addition to being the most outstanding in vocal and performance coaching in another award given to us.  Aside from the fact that we’ve been going over 10 years now, our programmes have led to great things for our artists, including a $1m record deal, a song to number 4 in the Country Charts, nationwide touring with signed bands, celebrity endorsement, interview on ITV news, radio play, press coverage, International travel, fanbases built up to thousands (and in some cases over 140,000) being recognised in public places, invites to the Brit Awards and Urban Music Awards and so much more.

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The Programme Types

We do not favour artists based on their programme type. Every artist is unique and receives the same level of care and attention from us. The above achievements listed have happened to artists across all programme types. The only differences are in the number of songs, videos and services that are included.

Every programme includes two lessons as standard per month. You can add lessons if you need to and you will be taught:

  • Vocal Coaching
  • General Performance Skills (specialist choreography can be arranged for a fee)
  • Microphone techniques (live and studio)
  • Songwriting/Lyric Writing (if desired)
  • Music Industry (business) training
  • Social Media Management and instruction on growing a fanbase

Standard Programme

This programme is perfect for artists on lower budgets or with busy lifestyles who still want to have sufficient material to showcase their talent to the Music Industry.

It includes:

  • Three original songs written and produced for (or if you write, with) you.
  • Three YouTube cover song videos to build a fanbase
  • Two lessons per month
  • Featured webpage on our site at a discounted price
  • 25% discount on photo editing for your promotion
  • The opportunity for live performance experience

Premium Programme

Our most popular programme, this is perfect for artists who want a more immersive experience, support with their social media, a single release and a full EP to present to the Music Industry.

It includes:

  • Five original songs written and produced for (or if you write, with) you
  • Five YouTube cover song videos to build a fanbase
  • Two lessons per month
  • Featured webpage on our site
  • Release of 1 single onto iTunes and other platforms
  • Four photographs edited professionally for your promotion (when taking a photoshoot)
  • The opportunity for live performance experience

Elite Programme

This programme is perfect for artists who want to present a full package to record labels and be in the best negotiating position because of this. It is the only programme to run for 18 months, not 12 due to the number of songs included and it includes services which most artists add to their programmes such as styling and photography, in one monthly payment so that you can budget precisely.

It includes the following:

  • Priority Booking
  • Full 8 Song album written and produced for (or if you write, with) you
  • Six YouTube cover song videos to build a fanbase
  • Two lessons per month
  • Featured webpage on our site
  • Release of album, or two singles (your choice) onto iTunes and other platforms
  • Personal styling consultation
  • Personal shopping session
  • Full photoshoot with makeup artist
  • Four photographs edited professionally for your promotion
  • Access to 16-lesson video masterclass with Usher, teaching performance skills
  • Access to 23-lesson video masterclass with Christina Aguilera, teaching vocal skills
  • The opportunity for live performance experience
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