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360 Artist Development are based out of Cedar West Studio in Birstall, Leeds. This is the perfect base for working with artists as it is a small, non-intimidating and yet completely custom built studio, designed by Howard Turner who has over 30 years’ experience in studio construction, meaning that this space has everything a professional studio should have – from sloped ceilings, to floating floors, non-parallel walls, thick bass traps and acoustic panels. It’s finished to exacting standards with no expense spared. Head of UK business for Professional Monitor Company (PMC) described it as “fabulous facility” and band Kilamojo who recorded their single Toc Tic here said it was “A sonic work of art”.

We have mood lighting on every single acoustic panel and we can change the colours as needed to help artists get the best delivery of their performance based on the mood lighting of the room. It also makes incredible shots for Instagram and other social media fanbase building.

The studio is set back from the road and is in a peaceful location with great views from behind it. A chill out area outside the main door allows artists to relax in between takes and when you are recording, rest assured that the studio has an excellent hardware and microphone selection, including two limited edition rack mount units where only 55 exist in the world.

We have highly trained producers who know how to get that perfect performance for you and how to craft current, professional sounding beats in an array of genres. With one of the largest selections of premium software instruments and plugins in our region – over £20,000 of it in fact – this really is a motivating, non-intimidating space to create music with absolute commitment to quality where you can be confident that your next hit can be released and stand up against what is out there right now.

Whether you are on a development programme or want to record an album, we have the perfect space for you!

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