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Vocal and Performance Coaching

The most fundamental level of artist development is improving your vocal and performance ability.  Learning to look after your voice is also essential, with many famous artists undergoing dangerous vocal surgery (dangerous because it has affected the careers of a number of A-List artists when it hasn’t gone to plan). This is a really important part of learning and even if you aren’t taking a development programme, 360 would encourage every singer to take up lessons; whether it be for an intensive learning drive before an event, or preferably over a longer sustained period of time.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced singer, Matthew Humphrys can ensure that you have the technique and ability to sustain your singing for gigs and recordings, teaching specifically how to record, microphone technique, emotion, breathing techniques and giving advice on vocal disorders and how to look after your voice.  He won the award for being the Most Outstanding Vocal and Performance Coach In the UK in the Vinyl And Record Awards 2019!  Why not also check out our online singing course “Fast-Track Singing”, where you can learn all of the important singing techniques with over 240 minutes of content and access to a private Facebook group to get even more tips and advice!  Head here for the course information.

Matthew’s musical training was at the highest level, with training in places such as Westminster Abbey and award-winning choirs.

He has extensive performance experience and alongside 360s performance experts, which include choreographers and performance coaches, can teach confidence building and performance techniques to master the art of holding and entertaining an audience. Matthew has himself performed across Europe and in prestigious venues including the Royal Albert Hall.

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